Engineering is one field which utilizes scientific, mechanical, economical and practical knowledge for designing and manufacturing machines and mega structures. It involves creativity, knowledge and preference for scientific applications. Engineering industry needs insights for conceiving, creating and scaling models, concepts, problems and objectives. With India fast progressing towards development, engineering industry will take precedence over others. From the invention of wheel to the creation of complex mechanical systems, engineering has come a long way. The demand for engineering graduates is only set to grow both in India and in the global environment. It is a known fact that engineering graduates are one of the most sought after for global MNCs.

Engineering is one of the key factors in human development and it has many branches like chemical, mechanical, aeronautical etc. All these streams combine together for advancement of civilization. Any nation needs the unique skill sets of engineering industry to project global power. This industry requires out of the box thinking and knowledge about key engineering concepts. Engineers use their knowledge of science, mathematics, chemistry, physics and experience to find proper solutions to vexing problems. Collaboration between different verticals in engineering field is important to maximum optimization. Apart from commercial purposes, engineers are also widely used in social causes during emergencies like floods, famines etc. It has close relationship with the fundamental workings of science and technology and often overlaps in concepts and implementation.

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