Face to Face Interview

Job interview.  Group of businesspeople having a meeting.

  • Reach 15 minutes before the scheduled interview time. So that you can go there and get prepared for your interview.
  • Be properly rather formally dressed.
  • Get the security check done. Now-a-days every corporate office does checking at the time you enter their office premises for security purpose. So co-ordinate with them.
  • Ask at the reception for the person you are there to meet. Do wait till the time you are called.
  • Once you are asked to come in the cabin; see to it all your documents which may be required are handy and you can produce whenever asked.
  • Greet the interviewer with smile.
  • Don’t sit unless you are offered or asked to sit; else you can ask them whether you can be seated. Sit straight this will show your alertness.
  • Listen to the interviewer carefully and answer him properly. See to it you don’t stammer. Be confident.
  • Make them believe you are a perfect match for their company. For that study their company website so that you can explain your key skills and positive traits.
  • Speak what interviewer wants to listen. Don’t over emphasize your views.
  • As this is your first round don’t inquire about salary, paid leaves, bonuses or any other privileges.
  • See to it that you portrait yourself the way interviewer wants.

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