With the growth in Indian middle income segment, the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods Segment) is only set to grow. Factors like e-commerce and FDI is fueling this upward trend. Daily consumables market like shampoos and toothpastes have become more and more competitive. New companies are expected to set up shop in the coming years. This market and industry is dynamic and require constant innovation. If a company only sells one type of product for many years, it will soon be overtaken by its competitors. Hence, any FMCG company needs staff that can help it stay competitive in this cut throat competitive market. The product ranges are versatile and the personnel should be adaptable to handle different kind of products.

Customer goodwill is of paramount importance in this industry. They need to be loyal to a brand for that company to gain a foothold in the market. FMCG companies needs professionals that can portray a good image in front of consumers during any crisis. The Cadbury example is a case in point. Companies should have the ability to sell high volume goods as well. This is crucial in order for them to remain profitable. Candidates who have excellent communication skills and have crucial network skills are the best match for this industry. Only excellent market penetration skills will ensure a higher market share. The FMCG industry is an amalgamation of various functions like marketing, finance, BPO etc. It employs a mixture of product and customer centric approaches. A good FMCG product usually has a short shelf life. Due to the nature of the products, it requires experienced and skilled employees to handle the different product portfolio. Due to the variety of competitor products to chose from, they need customer loyalty more than ever. It can only be achieved by having qualified and trustworthy personnel to handle the goods and services.

Recent reports suggest that FMCG is one of the sectors that would require bulk hiring. We employ stringent criteria while shortlisting candidates for the FMCG industry. Due to the high attrition rate, we understand the importance of candidates who have a proven track record. If you are looking for candidates related to the FMCG sector, you have come to the right place. Contact us for more details.


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