Getting a job is easy; but getting a good career is difficult

“Choose a career you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Once done with studies all start searching job on the basis of their qualification. Surely you get a job on your certificates but after a couple of months you realize that the job is not relevant according to your skill set and then in disgust you leave the current job and go for new search. This happens for couple of jobs till you get the best and suitable one. Instead of changing one job to other, better take some time and examine yourself. As changing job may create a wrong impression when you apply for job at corporate level.


After completing your studies if possible take an aptitude test, it will show you the best possible fields where you can fit in. If not try and examine yourself, go through websites, articles, etc and see what catches your interest. Even if the things which interests you is not similar to your qualification, but still you can do some sort of diploma or certification courses. This will help you to start your career.

Career is the work which grabs your interest in order to chase productivity, and at the same time generate revenue from the work you do. Study to make a good career! Rather it is suggested to pursue your qualification in the field which can make you love your job. A person working just for the sake of making money will never give you work satisfaction. This will just lead to frustration and you will end up resigning or absconding. Thus search for a career, this will not only pay you but also you will enjoy doing the work.

Job is usually a thing that just gives you monetary benefit. Career will give you money as well as knowledge and work satisfaction; which is very important.

As mentioned earlier, making a best career may require specialized studies. Unlike job, you just need to be a graduate. This will take you nowhere but just from one seat to another with no upward growth.

Job is quite monotonous, we just have to sit and do allotted work without understanding much about what we are doing. While when you try and pursue a career there is lot of risk. We need to research a lot on how we can expand our knowledge and bring personal as well as organizational growth.

Job is usually short term as I told there are no satisfaction and thus an individual end up changing jobs. Whereas in career oriented work there is a lot to do and thus people stick to one organization for a longer period of time.

While doing a job you will get an annual income. While making a bright career you will get appreciations, money, satisfaction and growth.

No doubt jobs provide employment in the society but that is to an individual of society. But if a career oriented person works sincerely he will socially help the society to develop.

Thus now it’s your decision whether you want to do smart work or donkey’s work… Choice is yours…!!!

Go Grab Your Career…!!

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