Improve Your Softskills

What is Soft Skills?

Technical Skills may get you a job… But Soft Skills can make or break your career.

Soft skills the word itself suggest us that it is something related to our skill set. Soft skill is set of skills that make you unique among the crowd. Soft skills allow you to deal with difficult tasks tactfully.

Soft skills allow you to work in a team with confidence and allow you to share your views clearly within the group. Soft skills help us to know ourselves in a better manner and this can help us in personal growth and also will result to organizations development.

Now-a-days companies check out soft skills of a candidate more often along with qualification and certificates. It’s a belief that the person who possesses the best soft skills will stand out to work in a best possible manner. Soft skills always complement the qualification and experience of the candidate and thus it is a must have to excel in the industry.

Here are some tips how you can improve your soft skills…

Employees Attitude—

Attitude is good if it’s used in right place and in right manner. Every individual has their approach towards organization. It is advised to maintain a positive attitude towards your work.

Worship and enjoy the work you do cause if you do any work forcefully then there would be no personal as well as organizational growth.

It is advised—

  • Know your company
  • Understand your work
  • Be social in your team and confidently share your professional ideas
  • Be confident, clear, punctual, disciplined and be loyal to your work.

Communication Skills—

Communication is a medium or mode to communicate your message to the receiver. So in order to express what you want to convey to the receiver you have to be perfect with your communication skills. This is small write up to tell you how to work on your communication skills.

  • Be confident enough and speak your thoughts in your team clearly and to the point.
  • You can practice a bit before communicating; i.e. if you have to go for interview you can try out mock interviews with your colleagues or friends. If you have and presentation to be hosted, you can do trial rounds in front of mirror or any group who can advice you or point at your loop holes which will help you improve.
  • Try to make eye contact – If you are communicating to an individual try and make an eye contact with him. If you are communicating to a group look at each section of the crowd instead of focusing on one part.
  • Improve your gestures, you can use small hand gestures in case you are talking to an individual and if you communicating to a group try and increase your gesture skills. Don’t mess up your gestures and message; Let both work in sync. The gestures can be hand movement, body language, your posing, sitting, etc. So try to make it simple and good so that it will not lead to mess for you and also should not make the audience embarrassed.
  • If you are communicating also keep a habit of listening to the audience. The audience may have doubts about your message conveyed, so welcome their questions and solve them effectively.
  • Speak loud, clear, and precise. Use right words. Take pause where ever required. Your proper words and be expressive. Modulate your voice where ever required.

Corporate Etiquettes:

  • Be Punctual—

The most vital etiquette required in every individual is punctuality. This is easily noticed by your every colleague; as every individual possesses watch and your senior do keep a watch at your In Time and Out Time.

  • Dress Perfect—

People notice you from top to bottom. When at work dress formally and also look in which attire you are comfortable. It should not result into awkward conditions to you as well as other office staff. See to it you hair is well done. Check out your shoes – men should check out their shoe are well polished, and female should go with formal shoes i.e. toes closed and a bit heels. Wearing slippers, sandals, etc. give a wrong impression of being informal at a corporate place.

Accessorize the least—women see to it you don’t accessorize much. Don’t forget the rule of 5 – finger ring, ear ring, wrist watch, necklace, and bracelet. Be simple and pleasing. Men should go with a wrist watch, cufflinks, and tie pin.

No strong perfume – It’s a habit to use perfume or deodorant when we dress up. Indeed this is a good habit, but sees to it you don’t over use it. It may happen someone around you may be allergic to perfume, so see to it you do not you use very strong essence. Search for long lasting and mild essence so as to avoid re-applying and bothering others around you with its strong aroma.

  • Telephone and mobile –

In case the phone at your desk is ringing, receive immediately; as the ringing may create nuisance in the environment and may disturb your colleagues sitting around you. Keep your personal phone on silent. Attend personal calls if it’s urgent. You can use your personal phone in free time.

  • Few Regular Etiquette’s:
    1. For Male
      • While greeting someone you meet make a firm shake hand; that will show your confidence level. 
      • Keep your business card handy; don’t keep in wallets as it may get torn.
      • Help out ladies; Open door for her or you may even pull out chair for her, in case if she wants to move any box or files reach out for help. This is not to show that female is weak; but it is just to prove that you are a gentleman.
      • Keep yourself clean and tidy – clean and cut your nails and hair regularly. Wear fresh laundered clothes.
      • Match your belt and shoes, wear clean socks.  
      • Be disciplined; don’t touch things kept that do not belong to you.
      • Don’t gossip about anything unnecessarily
    2. For Female
      • Now we consider female equally capable to male, so while greeting make a firm handshake, avoid loose ones as this may show you are reserved person or not very confident. Carry your purse or handbag in left hand, so that your right hand will be vacant to greet others.
      • Keep your business cards hand so that you don’t have to hunt your purse in front of the corporate.
      • Let men reach out to open door for you or help you move files or box; even when out let them pull chair for you. Don’t expect them to do so; but if they are helping you don’t stop them, as it may show you have ego.
      • Be clean and neat; wear clean clothes which are well pressed. Keep your hair neatly tied and nails clean and polished.
      • Do simple make up. Don’t assume yourself as a canvas and apply multiple colors on your face. Avoid bright nail paints.
      • Be disciplined; don’t touch things kept that do not belong to you.
      • Don’t gossip on any topic unnecessarily.

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