Job Application Tips


Searching jobs available in the industry? Here are few tips you can follow while searching a new job.

  • Search Options

Go through various mediums available like newspaper, job portals, and company websites. You will find ample amount of openings. Filter the requirements according to your skill sets; end result will be the jobs that are suitable to your profile.

  • Make a list

Once you have got the end result of your search make a detailed list of it so that you can refer the same over and over again in order to keep a track on the updates.

  • Get contact details

Once you have got the list of available opportunities try and search for contact number, email id and address of the company. In case you are not getting email id of the company, make a call and ask them to provide their email address.

  • Mail or make a call

Earlier we had to personally visit offices in order to give application for a job. But now we have modern technology which helps us apply in just one click. Make a mail format and a latest detailed resume. Forward it to the list of contacts you have made. Also followed by a call in order to get a confirmation whether they have received your application.

  • Timely follow-up

Sending application does not mean your work is done. You have to make timely follow up. Once you have sent company or placement agency your application make a call to confirm whether they have received. They will confirm you the receipt via mail. Then you may call them the next day in order to check out if they have sorted out any suitable job for you. Don’t make too many follow up calls! This may irritate the recruiter.

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