Oil & Gas


It is safe to say that the world economy runs on oil and gas. Considered to be one of the most lucrative sectors, it requires specialized personnel for handling complex processes. A different variety of industries including the ones providing petroleum products depend on oil and gas. It supplies the raw materials for fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and plastics. The oil and gas is the largest industry by value with regards to production, refining and retailing of petroleum products. This industry is usually a hands on process industry and requires special expertise in terms of production, storage, refining and transportation. This industry is crucial for any industry and is usually heavily protected by the governments. With India among the top energy consumers in the world, this industry is only set to grow. With many gas fields remaining to be discovered, oil companies need expert professionals like geophysicists and chemical experts for expansion.

When we select candidates for the oil and gas industry, our stringent selection process ensures that you get only qualified personnel for the job. Oil and gas executives should have adequate project management skills and should not hesitate to get their hands dirty. They should also be well versed in safety procedures. This industry deals in flammable materials which are very dangerous if mishandled. They are a serious risk to manpower and nature asĀ  a whole. The BP oil spill is a good case in point. Hence, oil and gas industry needs executives who have the wherewithal to take adequate steps to prevent such incidences. It is for this reason that talent and experience is at a premium in this industry.

We have a systematic selection and training process for oil and gas industry candidates. With out in depth knowledge of the oil and gas industry, you will only get the best candidates for your projects. If you require specialized and experienced staff for your oil and gas company, contact us today.

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