When you require people to contribute to your long term growth, you are on the lookout for permanent staff. We are on the constant lookout for efficient people who fit the bill for your permanent requirements. If you are conduction the search task on your own, you waste a lot of time, effort and money. Hence, leave the task to professionals like us to streamline your process and save you the above three important things. Efficiency and loyalty are the hallmarks of permanent employees. On Jobs Placement is committed to recruiting the most talented and proven permanent staff for your company. Our fully synchronized, integrated screening and selection process help us to deliver quality staff according to your needs. A high quality and professional service is what we endeavor to provide to our clients across industries and domains.

We use client specific strategies in consultation with our esteemed partners. We never treat our customers as client. Rather, we know them as partners for mutual benefits and success. Permanent staffing does not happen in a jiffy. We understand your need for good employees who are centered and focused on your organizational goals. Our services are less time consuming, more cost efficient and proven. Our expertise is backed by experience and industry insights. Whatever positions you are looking out to fill, be assured we can find the right candidate for you. The candidates hired by us have a good understanding of your job profile and description. This ensures that they are more attuned towards your job requirements. Say goodbye to your permanent staffing worries when you sign up with us for recruitment solutions.

Come and drop by our office to know more about us and our strengths. You will be amazed with what we can offer for your recruitment/staffing needs. For more information about our permanent staffing services, contact us today!

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