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Though sales and marketing are often used interchangeably, they have some basic differences. A sale is said to be made when any goods or services are exchanged for monetary benefits, whereas marketing is a process of creating and communicating the existence of those offerings and the benefits therein. Both the terms need extensive knowledge of marketing concepts and effective communication. Marketers need to have the skills to get the main message across to prospective customers and convert them into sales. They should be able to do all these functions in a timely and professional manner. Marketing and sales is a key element in any organization’s survival plan. Key marketing personnel should have the ability to stay focused, delegated and be result driven. They also should have leadership and team management skills to manage their sales teams.

Sales and Marketing has grown into a new dimension altogether with the advancement of information technology. Detailed real time information about sales done in the target areas is available instantly with a few clicks. The prevalence of smart phones has given rise to new marketing apps across operating system platforms. Today’s marketing professionals should be well versed in the usage of such software and database to achieve any company’s marketing goals. Only then will they get an opportunity to advance their career to greater levels. In addition, they should also have project management skills to manage a marketing campaign effectively.

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