Telephonic Interview



  • Don’t miss the call

When you are asked for a telephonic round of interview, ask the HR Executive when you will be getting the call. Keep yourself free at the allotted time. Make sure you spare at least 30 min. to one hour for the telephonic round of interview. But in case due to some reason you are not able to attend the call, then you should either drop a text message stating the reason why you didn’t receive the call and mention a time when you will be available or you can even give a call on the number and ask them to reschedule the interview explaining them the reason why you were not able to receive the call.

  • Quiet Place

When you get the call for interview rush yourself to a silent place where nobody will disturb you. You should not come across any disturbance like traffic noise, people talking around you, etc. Also see to it that your voice does not echo in the room you are giving telephonic interview or else the person at the receiving end may not be able to get your voice properly. You should be in area where you will get high network coverage, this will avoid call drop.

  • Keep your resume with you

When interviewer is interviewing you from his office, he has your resume in front of him. So it is must to keep your resume in front of yourself. It’s obvious you will know everything from the resume as you might have edited yourself, but it may happen due to nervousness you may get stuck somewhere. So better have your CV with you.

  • Be Confident

While attending telephonic interview be confident and don’t stammer. Answer every query of the interviewer confidently and clearly. Don’t giggle or smile if someone in front of you does as this will create a wrong impact. Even if interviewer cannot see you but they are so experienced they can guess your voice change very easily. Even if you are nervous they will come to know from your voice modulation. So keep a track on your voice modulation.

  • Concentrate on what you are doing

While you have a scheduled telephonic interview see to it you only attend their call. Don’t mess up things, while you are attending telephonic interview don’t do any other job. You need to be 100% attentive to interviewer’s words, as they may ask you some or the other tricky questions which may put you into a puzzle and being blank may result into getting disqualified. It may even happen interviewer may ask you situational questions. Keep pen and paper handy in order to scribble and solve such case studies. So you need to be attentive.

  • Water

Keep a glass of water in front of you. At times there are long sessions of telephonic interview, talking for so long can make your throat dry. So if you keep water besides, you can sip water occasionally which will help you from getting stuck in your interview.

  • Know interviewer

Listen to the interviewer when he is introducing himself. Later on if you want to address him you ought to know his name properly. Nobody likes their name to be misspelled; even you will not like it, right?

  • Be available

Once you are done with telephonic round it may happen the company may ask for face to face round of interview. So be available for a face to face round of interview and if your schedule is getting clashed, see to it you convey them the message when you will be available. No show will result you to be black listed; this means they won’t call you for any interview even if they have a suitable position for you. So, the bottom line is be available.

  • Ask what next

While concluding you may politely ask them what you should do next or what will be next step from their end. Also thank them for taking time to interview you. Mention that it was nice talking to them.

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